New Hope Transformed

Come and Grow With Us!

We're excited to tell you about what God is doing at New Hope . . . and how you can be a part of something big!

This is what we look like today. It's a great place to worship and learn and fellowship. New Hope is known for its friendliness, for clear Bible teaching, for outreach into our community and the world. With all that, God is blessing, our church is growing, and this place is not big enough anymore. As someone said with a smile, "By God's grace, we need more space."
This is where we believe God is taking us - an expanded and updated facility ready to invite others to learn and grow with us. New Hope Community Church is all about transformation – in our own hearts, in the world around us, and now, for this time, a transformation of our church building so we can better worship God and serve others.
The need to expand first became evident in the KidZone area where we house children's programs, serving kids from babies through 5th grade. Even with newly renovated space, we are full and overflowing most Sunday mornings. New Hope has lots of young families, new babies, and more are coming week-by-week. It's an imporant ministry where the littlest among us are learning through Bible stories, kind and gentle teachers, and prayer times that Jesus loves and cares for them.
Then, there’s Rock, the exciting youth program at New Hope. Every Sunday evening during the school year, more than 150 area teens flow into our church. They reconfigure the worship center to have a place for group activities, but they have far outgrown that space. They need room to move and room for more of their friends to come and learn about what it means to know and walk with Jesus. The new gymnasium will meet all those needs and more!

If you worship with us on Sunday, you will find a little space in the first service, but the second service is almost always full to capacity. More room is needed and a slight expansion of the worship center will provide more seats for more people. Along with that will be a new lobby area where we can fellowship with friends and visitors before and after the service. We'll provide additional parking, too, since we're overflowing a bit there, too!


Because of God’s obvious blessing on the ministries of New Hope, we have spent months assessing the needs, both present and future, and to review options for expansion of our facilities. After interviewing the heads of various ministries, considering possible pathways, and working with experienced church-designing architects, we have come up with a plan that, over time, will provide space from which the Body of Christ at New Hope Community Church can worship God, study the Word, encourage each other, serve those in need in our community, and share the Gospel message with those who are ready to hear, both here and around the world.

We are inviting you to come along on this journey as we anticipate what God will do.

This website is the place where you can find all the details concerning the plan for expansion and find updates on our progress toward seeing the plans become reality. Scroll down for details about the project and for FAQ's.

If you feel God is calling you to participate by supporting this project financially, please contact us at:

call us at (616) 363-2000

You can give online by clicking on the Give/Building Fund button below.

If you want to know more about New Hope Community Church, you can visit our main website at

Our New Look


Site Plan


Project Details

Purpose: To glorify God and to serve him, his people, and those who need to know him in Rockford and around the world.

Method: To provide additional space for the operation and expansion of all aspects of the New Hope ministries.


  • Children and youth: Our children’s and youth ministries are large and are growing. They have far outgrown the space they presently have, and there is an urgent need for more room. In addition to meeting space needs, the proposed expanded facilities will create opportunities for new and creative ways to reach more families and more of the teens of our area.
  • Small group meeting space: New Hope has a shortage of places for small group meetings. The new plan accommodates that with seating in the lobby (much as we have now), a seating group in the concourse, an additional conference room in the office area, and three classrooms in KidZone that can be set up for group meetings of various sizes.
  • Storage: We have very little storage in the present facility. The new plan provides for storage in each of the ministry areas to accommodate those needs.

Project: Renovation of the existing New Hope facility

  • Office areas (moderate updates and expansion)
  • Worship center (moderate refreshing and addition of 80-100 seats)
  • Fire suppressant system for entire building
  • Removal of existing lobby area

New addition will include:

  • Relocated entrance with drive-up canopy
  • Large, inviting lobby with concourse which will include:
    • Coffee/snacks area
    • Casual café seating
    • Information area
    • Access to KidZone sign-in
    • Access to Hand2Hand resource space
    • Access to kitchen which will serve both lobby and gym
    • Access to restrooms
    • One small group meeting space (2-6 people)
  • Full-size gymnasium which will provide:
    • Activity space for Rock and KidZone
    • Opportunity to engage community with basketball leagues, pickleball courts, and other activities.
    • Large meeting space for church events, dinners, etc.
  • Addition of KidZone ministry space
    • Nursery (ages 0-1)
    • Toddlers room (ages 2-3)
    • Designated classrooms for ages 4, 5, and 6
    • Connect room for sensory-sensitive children
    • Secured entry for all KidZone space
    • Kids’ bathrooms within the secured space
  • Addition of meeting and activity space for Rock
    • Rock will continue to use the existing worship center for their large group meetings.
    • The gym will be the primary area for their group activities.
    • Small group meeting spaces will be available in the KidZone area as well as the lobby and concourse.
  • Site work to comply with current ordinances

Project FAQ’s

If you don't see an answer to your question listed below, please contact the church office and you will be directed to someone who can respond with the information you need. Thank you for your continued interest in this exciting transformation!

1. What are the goals of the Transformed and Renewed Campaign?

This is the third and final step in our multi-year vision of Transformation, To Transform our Church Facility and Team.

In July 2022 we said, “We trust God to fill New Hope to capacity and by 2025 transform our facility and team to meet the increased attendance and ministry needs.”

2. Why are we launching this campaign right now?

We have reached our capacity, particularly in Rock and KidZone, but also in small group ministries, and in our helping ministries such as Hand2Hand. So our first phase focuses on meeting these space needs and will also add seating in our present sanctuary.

3. What parts of our facility and team are being Transformed and Renewed?

We’re transforming our entrance, lobby, KidZone, classrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen area, office space, sanctuary, parking, and fire safety system. And we’re adding a gymnasium.

4. How much will this cost?

Estimated cost is $4.6 million.

5. How are we going to pay for this?

We have $1.4 million in our building fund and that's a great start. We’re asking you, our church members, attendees, and friends to help pay for the rest.

By God's grace, you can be a part of what he is doing at New Hope, in our community, and around the world.

6. What happens if we don’t reach $4.6m by the end of January?

We anticipate breaking ground in 2024 and building what we can afford to build and then will continue to raise funds to complete the project.

7. How are we addressing the need for more parking and sanctuary space?

We are adding a number of new parking spaces in the spring and expanding the current seating in our sanctuary.

After this campaign is completed, we will address the need for a new sanctuary and even more parking.

8. Why aren’t we addressing the need for more parking and a new sanctuary now?

We’re addressing our most urgent needs first. Those needs are more space for our children’s and youth ministries, more space for our entrance and lobby areas, more space for ministry meetings, and more space for offices.

9. Why are we building a gymnasium now? What makes it urgent?

The New Hope Community Church gym is a cost-effective solution that adds an abundance of recreational space for our youth and adult ministry members and guests.

The gym will be a space that also opens new windows for New Hope fellowship, discipleship, and community outreach through recreational events and leagues, conferences, church family dinners and other creative in-house and community events for decades to come.

"I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies

as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern

what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Romans 12:1-2