Mission and Vision

Striving to bring honor to God, New Hope Community Church has been called to reach the lost and bring them, through the Holy Spirit’s power, into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ in “Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”



Hand2Hand partners with churches in communities across West Michigan to “provide backpacks filled with nutritious food that’s covered in prayer.” This food is provided each weekend throughout the school year for children who may not have access to the nutritional food they need.

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NHCC sponsors Stoney Creek Elementary School through prayer, generous donations, and volunteer help. Jennifer Gard is a member of NHCC, and is our church’s Hand2Hand coordinator with Stoney Creek Elementary School in Comstock Park. Currently, Jennifer is working with Comstock Park Schools to expand H2H. Jennifer is grateful for the prayers, financial support, and volunteer involvement from NHCC.

-pray for fall plans that are being made to serve at Stoney Creek School.
-pray that God would open a door for a summer activity atYork Creek apartments.
-pray for additional help for Jen Gard in coordinating all the plans for the fall.
Hand 2 Hand

King's Table


Because every life has value and purpose, The King’s Table Ministries is dedicated to serving individuals and families impacted by developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our vision is that they may have the opportunity to be a part of a thriving community in which they learn, live, and worship together. To that end, we provide supportive services, enrichment opportunities, and community connections in special education schools, Adult Foster Care (AFC) group homes and local Christian churches. It is our desire to motivate and equip the church to reach out to individuals impacted by disabilities by providing opportunities for them to serve in the community.

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- Pray for all of the Christmas activities KTM is involved with.

King’s Table Ministries

Ripe for Harvest, Sierra Leone

Earl and Clare Reifel have a passion for unreached people. Their missionary career has been focused in Sierra Leone ministering in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and Bible school building. They trained and served with Evangelistic Teams to reach remote areas for the Gospel.

Since returning to Michigan they continue to serve the church in Sierra Leone. They speak in churches in the US challenging them with the need for missions. They also serve the church in Sierra Leone by phone and the internet by responding to questions from the church leadership and encouraging them in their outreach ministries. Part of this includes raising funds to build new churches and to put in water wells in remote villages. Earl & Clare are grateful to NHCC for partnering with them at the Bible School. You may even see them worshiping with us on a Sunday morning.

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- Pray that the Bible School will find a new principal.
- The plan is to build 3 new churches in remote villages.
- Pray that the pastors do not face opposition as they disciple new believers.
- Continue to pray for the well projects which bring clean water to the people.

Earl and Clare Reifel

Faith in Deeds, India


Faith in Deeds rescues orphaned and abandoned children from India’s slums by providing a loving, safe, 24/7 home for them. The children are cared for as long as they need a home or until they can be reunited with their family. Children learn to live out their faith in Jesus by reaching out and serving others in their community. A small agricultural business helps to provide good quality food, learning opportunities for the children, and local jobs, while helping to sustain the Children’s Home.

For teens at the Children’s Home who are finishing high school, talents and goals are assessed and college scholarships and job connections are made. They go into the workforce with God’s Word hidden in their hearts, making a difference in the community.

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- Pray for protection and blessing on the children that they grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus.
- Pray for the commercial power to be approved and connected.
- Pray for the Faith in Deeds board as they make important decisions.

Faith in Deeds

Greater European Mission, Greece

Sean and Liz Thelen are new missionaries to Greece with Greater European Mission. Presently, they are in language school so they can minister to Greeks in their heart language. They will be serving with the Greek Evangelical Church in Glyfada, a suburb of Athens, building relationships and sharing Christ’s love with Greek people. Their main outreach areas are: children and family ministry, Blueprint (a ministry that serves the underemployed in Greece), and a ministry to refugees.
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- Pray for Liz as she assumes a new role on the Spiritual Life Team.
- Pray for continued guidance in their work in Glyfada.
- Pray for perseverance in Greek language study.

Sean and Liz Thelen

Refugee Ministry

The world has come to West Michigan. More than 40,000 Muslims live in this area. This ministry welcomes people from the Middle East to create community and show God’s love. Refugees, immigrants, and others are provided a place to experience services, resources, and friendship. To learn more, contact the Mission’s
Committee of New Hope Church.

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- Pray that the Muslim friends would understand the true meaning of Christmas.
- Pray for the gatherings with our Arabic Muslim friends and our Afghan Muslim friends.
- Pray for spiritual conversations and wisdom in dealing with our Muslim refugees.
- Pray that Muslim men would see the value in whole family activities.

Refugee Ministry

Mission India

Did you know that one-third of unreached people groups of the world are located in one country? India is the most unreached nation. Over 400 million people in India have never heard of Jesus, and less than 2% of the people are Christian. Poverty levels are very high and only one out of four people can read and write.


The vision of Mission India is to see India transformed by the love of Christ. Their mission is to equip India’s Christians to plant reproducing churches. Mission India does not send missionaries, but rather provides ministry partnerships with the indigenous people, 100% Indian nationals. Churches are planted by them in their communities. The Mission India partnership provides training, resources, and accountability to help them be self-sustaining and successful. Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy Classes, and Church Planter Training come out of the churches that are planted. Mission India measures the results by visiting programs and reporting back to their sponsors.

New Hope Indian Church Planters are seeing doors open for the Gospel among many who have never heard. They have evangelized to hundreds of families, provided relief for those without food and necessities during the COVID pandemic, and planted a new church. NHCC is sponsoring four church planters in 2021.

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Persecution is increasing in India.
- Pray for Indian Christians who are under extreme persecution.
- Pray for New Hope's church planters and the field workers to be bold and strong in Christ.
- Pray for the Indian states that have anti-conversion laws in place
- Pray it would not hinder the Gospel.
- Pray for God's grace and protection for all those who are being persecuted because of their faith in Jesus.

Mission India

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